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The New Year

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A New Start

Well, we survived 2013! With all of its ups and downs, good and/or bad, for the most part, we survived!

One of the things I like about the New Year is that I kind of look at it like a new, clean slate. Yes, there are some carry-over ‘mental’ sticky notes posted along the edges of the new ‘slate’, but I look at the rest if it and see a slate pretty much free to ‘create’ on.

Now, something’s that happened in 2013 were pretty cool and we want to continue those trends, but ya know what, if some of this things that happened last year were not, try not to carry them over!

For me, cutting back on my crab intake was good, down over 25 lbs for the year (mental note, 25+ more to go!), the amount of time I spent on the road was not (Mental note.. fly more!), you get the idea.

As for food, we will keep the fun of exploring new culinary avenues. As much as I have finding some new places on the road (Maya in Richmond, Taco Punk in Louisville, Arthur Bryant’s in KC), re-finding local establishments (bin707 in GJ), the time on the road slowed my own culinary explorations down and this year, we aim to ‘Play & Amaze’!

Here in the Grand Valley, we will be unleashing some new cheesecake flavors, both sweet and savory as well as continuing our ‘Pop-Up/Flash’ restaurants. In VA, we will continue to expand and all at the same while, continue to ‘seek out new worlds and to go where no cook has gone before’. (Yes, I may have seen a few Star Treks in my time!) With some of the ideas I have in my mind, people will sit back and go.. Whoa.. he’s nuts! (But it tastes real good!)

I encourage all of our friends and fans to do the same! Seek out new things, new flavors, go back and tweak/re-invent some of your favorites and ‘play’ with your food!

Now keeping with the ‘new trends’, our 'Website of the Week', from our friends at Kitchendaily.com.Their food trends for 2013. (http://www.kitchendaily.com/read/food-trends-2013)

Our 'Recipe of The Week' is from them, Beef-Braised Short Ribs. (This is posted on the 'recipe' page on this site)

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