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Yo Spring, Come on Down!

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Yeah, the saying goes, March… Comes in like a Lion, goes out like a Lamb… Whatever…

We who live out here in the Rocky Mountain region, we who have sat on Vail Pass in April, stuck behind a line of people who think that they know how to drive across the mountains in snow, who think that just because they have four-wheel drive means that they command the road (not!), we know that the remnants of winter tend to hang around here longer than in a lot of areas.

But just as our friends around the rest of the country must be feeling after the kind of winter they are having, I am getting just a little tired of it. Yes, we have had some great weather out here in the Grand Valley the last week or so, but we all know… It probably is not over yet… But we can still look forward. Look forward to getting the grills out, seeing the first buds on the Apricot and Peach trees, putting away the rock salt and kitty litter and enjoying some of the best times of the year.. Hi Spring, How you doin’?

Restaurants will be getting their patios ready, home stores will have their BBQ sales and way too many pasty legs will be coming out of their winter cover-up. Hey Spring, come on down!

Yes, we can still get most of the foods we want from the grocery store, but there is something about knowing that it is freshly-grown by people we live around, something about not having to peel a sticker off before we wash it (and folks, I do not care where you buy your food, make sure you wash it off before you use it!), something about knowing that it was just picked and you all know just how good (and varied) our local fruits and produce are!

To help you get ready for your spring cooking, our 'Website of the Week', from our friends at seasonalrecipes.com and has some great recipes for Spring. (http://seasonalrecipes.com/recipes/springmaindishes.html)

Our 'Recipe of The Week' is one that I saw on that page and sounds tasty, Chicken with a Pineapple Salsa. (Feel free to add maybe a diced Jalapeno to the salsa, a little heat never hurts!) (This recipe is posted on our Recipe page on this site, scroll down to the bottom)

We would also like to thank everyone who has been coming out to our ‘Pop-Up’ restaurants! We have had a blast doing something different and will continue to do so. If you want to know when and where we are doing them, keep an eye on our Facebook page!

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