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Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes


Decadence Gourmet may be able to assist your school, youth group or other non-profit in your fundraising efforts!

We have two programs that may help.

Online: We will provide a special promo code for your group so when your supporters go to our website and order any of our products, your school or group will get 15% of the product sales total and your supporter would also save 5%. You can also design your own program with the 20% going any way you like!

This program can be used by any school, youth group or other non- profit in the continental United States!

Local Pick-Up: Groups based in and around Grand Junction, CO will receive $10 for each case (12 'Cheesecakes in a Jar®') when your supporters call us and order for local pick-up. We would design a coupon which you can distribute to your supporters, either personally, through the mail or on-line.

We can also design flyers and/or brochures announcing your fund-raising drive!

This program can be used by virtually any size school or group.
No going door-to door. No Minimums. No Deliveries.

For more information about fundraising, please contact Decadence Cheesecakes.