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Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes

Recycle and Reuse


In today's world, we should all look for ways to reduce waste, recycle and re-use. At Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes, we believe in these practices.

We strongly encourage our customers to recycle and re-use our product containers. The cheesecake jars can be re-used in many ways--mini-planters; in the garage for nuts & bolts; potpourri holders--and we are sure that you can think of many other uses. Heck, send us your ideas for re-using our jars (with a picture) and you just may win a six-pack!

If you don't wish to keep the jars, find a school, church or group that holds recycling drives, or drop off the jars at a community reycling bin.

The wooden mini-crates that hold the jars can also be re-used. They make great planters for herbs or spices and also work great as a CD/DVD holder.

We are currently switching over to composite gel-packs for shipping our cheesecakes. They do not produce CO2 and they are completely resuable, either hot or cold.

So come on folks, recycle and reuse!