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Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes


Feb. 17th, 2015...

Have only tried a few of the cheesecakes in a jar, but so far, they are
really good. They seem really little, but they are really just the right amount. Choice of flavors is wonderful and the service is outstanding.
I think they make a perfect gift because they are not something you
would ordinarily buy for yourself so to get it as a gift is very special for
all the people who love cheesecake.

From Maryland

Decadence is cheesecake, plus a jar and equals awesome!. I just love the concept of these! Decadence Gourmet Cheescakes in a jar are developed by a real chef, yes, a real chef. If you don’t believe me just look here!

I am a huge fan of Cheesecake, always have been. So when I got a chance to sample these I was over the moon. Lee was really good about letting me know when they were shipped out and I waited with baited breath for them to get here. They arrived in two days and were perfect. The packaging itself is awesome. They come in a cooler with frozen ice packs and packaged in these adorable wooden crates. Simply to cute!


We received the following flavors:

  • 2 Key Limes
  • Margarita
  • German Chocolate
  • Bacon and Blue Cheese ( my fave!!)
  • El Diablo

First lets talk about the traditional ones. I personally did not try the Key Lime because I do not like Key Lime and I didn’t want that to sway the review. So I had my Mom try it and she is not a huge fan of Key Lime but was willing to be the taste tester. She liked it. She said it was a little light on the Key Lime flavor but it worked for the whole experience. She really liked the almond crust and the sour cream topping. She stated that when you took a spoonful you got a little of the topping, the cheesecake, and then the crust, making it a rich experience. Another I didn’t try was the Margarita. Yeah, I am not really a citrus person, especially limes. This time my dad was the taste tester and he loved it. He said it tasted like a margarita and the topping was delicious. It must have been, he ate the whole thing while he was giving me his review.

German Chocolate Cheesecake is sin in a jar. Oh my, I have never had something so rich and well, decadent, in a jar. The coconut, brown sugar, and pecan ganache was to die for. The cheesecake was mild and very subtle but paired well with the topping and the biscotti crust. The crust is infused with coconut oil and coconut liquor, it had a great flavor. This one was definitely a must have when you order.

You will notice I called those traditional flavors. That is because the other two flavors in the sample packs were called savories. When you think cheesecake, you don’t really think savory. I know I was a little apprehensive ordering them because I didn’t really grasp the concept. The two I received were Bacon and Blue Cheese and El Diablo. The funny thing is the bacon and blue cheese ended up being my favorite out of the package. It was the bomb! It had just the right amount spices and herbs as well as blue cheese flavor but the bacon is what got me. I love bacon and there were nice chunks of bacon. It tasted great on the crackers but I would love to try it with other things. It really was good and I wish I had some right now.

El Diablo is what my brother described as spicy hell in a jar and he loved it. He is the spicy eater in the house so I knew this would be perfect for him. He tried the first few servings on crackers and then switched to tortilla chips. He said the tortilla chips were the way to go. What he most loved was that the heat didn’t hit you right away. It had this nice warm flavor and then it hit you. We all tried just a little but I am here to say this is not for the timid. It packs some heat but wow, the flavor is just amazing. I wish they would do a toned down version because I really liked it but I just can’t eat a lot of spicy food.

From Bobbie

From Grand Junction...

The cheesecakes were a HUGE hit.  Everyone loved them and raved about them.  In fact, I think many of them took the jars home so they didn't forget the name for future orders.   The Merlot colored cheesecake you made us was fantastic.   Unfortunately, I think in the week following the wedding, we ate far too much cheesecake (if there is such thing).

We really appreciated you doing that for us and being so easy to work with, and we will be sure to connect with you again for any other big events... or just when we are craving them again...  

C & L

From New Orleans...

I ordered your cheesecakes for Mother's Day dinner. They were shipped on time and were a smashing hit at the dinner. The cheesecakss were out of this world. Everyone present wanted to know where I'd gotten them. Thanks for your timely shipment and the scrumptous cakes. I will tell everyone where to get the cheesecakes, and will be a repeat customer in the future.

B. C.
New Orleans, LA.


Sometimes name of products can be misleading, the name of the product doesn’t always match the quality of the product. So when you call yourself Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes (http://www.decadencecheesecakes.com/) you better deliver! And deliver they did!

Lee Mathis, the baker of the worlds greatest cheesecake, is a local guy originally from the Jersey shore.

I love cheesecake. I love eating them, baking them and talking about them. I’ve been afforded the pleasure of trying several decadent cheesecakes from the aptly named Decadence Cheesecakes. These tiny little masterpieces are amazing, they are delicious and yes they truly are decadent. And the best thing is they’re just large enough to enjoy and not feel guilty about eating too much, they are the perfect size.  They come packed in a little mason jar which is a really neat package option, it’s clever and unique and if given to someone as a gift looks good.
I was able to try 6 flavors: Outer Banks (chocolate & peanut butter,) key lime, the Savannah, chocolate chai, habanero key lime and a savory appetizer in a jar named el diablo. Wow….they really pack a ton of flavor into those jars, they flavors of all of the cheesecakes are easy to identify, they just pop, after your first bite you can instantly identify what you’re eating.
Look, at the crust, just the right amount of cheesecake and crust.

I’ll begin with the savory el diablo spread, we spread it on naan bread and baked it for a few minutes in the oven and it was all kinds of ridiculous. It was that good, it was a combination of peppers including the famed ghost pepper the hottest pepper known to man…..ooooooh. It was hot, not as hot as you might think, it had just enough kick. The problem with hot items is that usually the hot part is so overbearing that it has no taste other than hot, this spread was not like that, it was hot but it was bursting with flavor and it was wicked.

I spread the el diablo  on naan bread, served it as an appetizer, it was quite delicious.

Moving to the sweet now the key lime both regular and habanero were just tart enough, it had the right balance of tart and sweet and the habanero key lime was wicked! It was just hot enough, you didn’t get the heat at first you first taste the tart of the lime and right at the end BOOM! You get the kick of the habanero, but don’t be afraid it’s not that bad, yes it is hot but it’s not crippling it really lends itself to being paired with key lime.
 he Key Lime cheesecake (my daughters other favorite)

Want a Reese’s in a jar? Go for the Outer Banks, trust me it doesn’t disappoint. Reese's in a jar, creamy chocolate and peanut butter? This is a must have!

Chocolate chai was a hit with my daughter, she allowed me to have a small spoonful, she is so benevolent. In that spoonful I could taste a rich chocolate and a great chai flavor underneath it, the spice of the chai was a nice compliment with the rich chocolate.
Last but not least was the Savannah. Sweet sassy molassy! I’m at a loss of words really. This is the Frankenstein’s monster of a cheesecake; it’s a cheesecake that was bred with a pecan pie. It really is something everyone should experience, I’m not kidding, go buy one, and while you’re at it buy me another because mine is all gone.
All in all I must say I was thoroughly impressed with Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes. Right off the bat looking at how they were packed I knew I was in for something good. Looks can be deceiving but not this time they tasted as good as they looked. Kudos on baking what is possibly the best cheesecakes in the known universe.

Decadence Cheesecake is a great holiday gift idea, it will be a hit. I am sure everyone will love it!


My initial flavor experience was German Chocolate, one of my favorite cakes. I could smell the Brown Sugar Pecan Ganache and Toasted Coconut immediately upon opening. Through the sides of the glass jar, the layers tempted my taste buds, and my spoon cut (like butter) through the fluffy filling. I was surprised how much character Lee had managed to capture in this rendition, with plenty of texture to excite and discover through each spoonful. I was also happy to find that the dessert, as a whole, was just the right size in portion, and not overwhelmingly sweet. In my opinion, this is the sign of a true dessert genius, where elements come together to engage and satisfy without overwhelming in any one department. I must say, I was hoping to find more wild flavors (Southwest Cactus, Bacon & Blue Cheese) in my Six Pack, but understand Lee selected some of his most popular choices for review and consideration. That's just as well, all the more reason to return!

One flavor, in particular, I was looking forward to trying, was the El Diablo Savory Cheesecake In A Jar. Presentation wise, this took the biggest hit in shipping, as the Ancho Chili Pesto had migrated to one side. In any case, this Ghost, Habanero, and Jalapeno cheescake base was combined with Pepper Jack Cheese, Red Onions, Sriracha Sauce, and Herbs & Spices. Savory Cheesecake like this may not appeal to most, but it truly is much like a whipped, gourmet, cream cheese. In this case the layers offered a very fiery blend of dairy and pepper which worked wonders on my palette when served upon Lime Tortilla Chips (heaven!) As equally rave-worthy, and best served at room temperature, was the Blackberry/Cabernet Gourmet Cheesecake In A Jar, Gluten Free, and part of the brand's Vineyard Collection. Crust free, and topped with a thick layer of decadent chocolate ganache, this is the perfect cap to any fine dining at home experience! If you're a cheesecake lover you won't want to miss out on Decadence Cheesecake!

 Jersey Shore Cudos
"Just a quick note! Glen here, Jersey shore guy! My first cheesecake of the month order was awesome! All six varieties of cheesecake were tasty. The El Diablo was a big hit as a spread on crackers at a tailgating party. I am looking forward to next month's cheesecakes. Your cheesecake is the best!

Cheers, Glen, NJ

Best Friend Ever Award

"I sent my best friend your 6 pk Chocolate Sampler for her birthday...just got a text from her telling me that I win the 'best friend EVER award...she LOVES them. Thanks!"Crista - Grand Junction, CO

Can't Bring Himself to Share

“Yikes the fresh cheesecake you sent is so great. I’ve been asked to share the individual Gourmet Cheese Cakes but I just can’t bring myself to share any of them...smile

“I just finished the blackberry/cabernet cheesecake in a jar. What a tasty gourmet combination with a sauce on top of the cheesecake. Sauce was not overpowering – no crust at bottom. Jars are decorative and can be used again.”

Thomas, Westford, MA

Tasty and Novel Gift

"Every client that received the corporate gift pack loved the innovation of a "made-in-the-jar" cheesecake. Their thoughts were how novel an idea it was, especially how TASTY they were. The shipping was right on time in the 2-day time frame for them to have it before the Holidays. I will do it again next year and hopefully add to the client list."

Richard, Las Vegas NV

Contest Winner in 'Dessert Heaven'

"I entered a contest on the fan page of a local cheesecake company called Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes
. It was for any type of recipe (not just cheesecakes). I entered my recipe for Upside Down Cheeseburger Skillet Pizza…. Hold the phone I actually won! To make it even better the prize was six gourmet (individual) cheesecakes.

"I went over to Business Incubator in Grand Junction and met with the owner and creative genius Lee Mathis to pick up my cheesecakes. I have to say that I have not met a more engaging and exciting person in quite some time, you can feel the passion for food coming off of this guy.

"My prizes included four dessert cheesecakes and two of his new savory flavors.

Outer Banks (a decadent peanut butter chocolate cheesecake)
Chocolate Chai
Blackberry Cabernet
Sun Dried Tomato

Bleu Cheese and Bacon

"I was very stoked!  I took the Outer Banks and the Chocolate Chai home for the family and left the other four at work for a cheesecake tasting event later in the week.

"I have a wonderful wife and two very hyper boys (ages 11 and 6).  I thought those were the two flavors most likely to be appreciated.

"I made a mistake but opening the Chocolate Chai Cheesecake first... there was a free for all in my Clifton kitchen. Wow... the incredible flavor of exotic spices and the delicious creamy chocolate was all my family needed to start clamoring over me for more, we literally had to come to order and take turns to make sure that everyone got the same number of bites. It was that good.

"The reason I say it was a mistake is because we were all fat and happy with the chocolate chai and then we tried the Outer Banks. I was in heaven, I always think of the 70's TV commercial for Reese's peanut butter cups "you got chocolate in my peanut butter, you got peanut butter on my chocolate, two great tastes that taste great together" whenever I have the immaculate combination. I have a jar of peanut butter in my desk at work and I have a pb&j at least once per day. To say I love PB is an understatement.

"The pairing of delicious cheesecake flavored with peanut butter and topped with chocolate was so rich and delicious that we had to stop and finish it later because we were in dessert paradise.

"My family was very happy with my prize.

Later in the week I invited my foodie friends to a cheesecake tasting event at work. We "had crackers and the remaining four cheesecakes (Blackberry Cabernet, Tiramisu, Sun Dried Tomato, and Bleu Cheese and Bacon).

"My friends and I were again in food ecstasy.

"The combination of Blackberry with a delicious wine was sweet and rich. There was no downside to this cheesecake, and I am again reminded how lucky I am that these cheesecakes are in four ounce jars, because I could have eaten myself into a coma.

"The Tiramisu cheesecake was sweet, tangy and creamy. It is not my favorite dessert on a general basis but the petite serving size was perfect for enjoying a unique flavor.

"Now to the flavors that I have been dying to try, Savory Sun Dried Tomato, and Bleu Cheese with Bacon.
For Clarification purposes the savory cheesecakes are not supposed to be eaten individually like the dessert cheesecakes, in my opinion these are more of a delicious spread.

"The Bleu Cheese and Bacon was heady and flavorful with the tang of a good bleu cheese, and then the underscore of peppery bacon finished the bite and stayed with you and continued to think of the uses for the concoction. My first thought was as a topping a sizzling steak, the bleu cheese melting while the bacon and spices cover the delicious steak was making me drool at work. The other suggestions were using the spread in a wrap or on a bagel.

"The Savory Sun Dried Tomato was delicious and smooth; I thoroughly enjoyed the contrast of the two different types of cheesecakes. The tomato was understated and the cheesecake was flavorful without being too rich.  Again this was be great on a bagel or in a wrap as well as on crudités or crackers. All in all I am incredibly blessed to have been able to try so many new things and to be able to share them with my family and friends. Many thanks to Mr. Lee Mathis and his tasty ideas."

Trace, Grand Junction, CO

A Wonderfully Delicious Product

"I was a recent winner of a contest sponsored by Decadence Cheesecakes and KJCT TV. My prize was two 3 packs of those wonderful Cheesecakes In A Jar. The jars were just the perfect size for gift-giving, so I gave them to 6 good friends who, although they had heard of the product, they had not tried the cheesecake before. 100% of them raved about the taste and flavor and two immediately visited retail outlets who carry the cheesecakes to purchase some for gifts for their friends as well as more for themselves. It is so refreshing to taste such a decadent dessert that far supersedes one's best expectations. You have a wonderfully delicious product!"  
Jim, Grand Junction, CO

Magnificent Taste

“Wow, what a product! The taste is magnificent so much so that I am completely ruined to any other cheesecake. If I am in a restaurant and they have cheesecake on the menu I don’t hesitate to ask if it is Decadence. If it is I am sold. If not I tell them to get Decadence then order something else. The best part is the new Cheesecake in a Jar. Just the right size for picnics and a taste on the go. Lets face it anyone who can make cheesecake this good has me as their official taste tester anytime!”

Michelle, Grand Junction, CO

Led Into Decadent Behavior

“When I first heard about Decadence, I knew I had to have them vendor at the Fruita Fall Festival. What a wonderful addition! Lee and his cheesecake can certainly lead one into decadent behavior. Good thing the cheesecake comes in a jar!”

Robbie, Fruita CO